Call for Nominations for Awrana Executive

We invite nominations for elections at the Awrana General Assembly 2018, Nice
(time and venue to be announced)

Elections are for the five executive officer positions (see Articles of Association sections, below), will be elected individually, in this order: President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary, and Communications Manager. We encourage nominations to be part of an executive team. It would very helpful to have nominations signed by the nominees and forwarded to the current executive before the Nice meetings.

Relevant sections from the Articles of Association provide that:

Article 11
The Executive consists of 5 Executive officers:

  1. President
    Communications Manager
  2. These people represent the society in legal relations and sign contracts for the society. Two members of the Executive are authorized to represent the society; one always has to be the president. The immediate Past President and the Chair of the next conference organising committee will have an advisory role on the executive.
  3. The Executive officers shall be members of the Society and academic professionals employed in the fields of research outlined in Article 1.
  4. If an Executive member resigns during their term, the Executive can co-opt new Executive members until the next general assembly.
  5. The Executive is responsible for all duties of the society, as long as these duties are not assigned to a different body of the society by the statutes.

Article 12
Election of the Executive

  1. The election of the Executive is organized during the general assembly by an election supervisor, who is elected by the general assembly.
  2. The Executive officers are elected for three years, starting from the day of the election; however, it stays in power until the next election of the Executive officers. Every Executive member is elected individually. Eligible to vote are the attending members with voting power according to Article 5.
  3. The term is renewable. If requested, voting will be conducted by secret ballot.