Links to some existing microwear and/or residue labs are included below. This list is work in progress and it is surely not exhaustive. Only a number of established labs are included, all sharing a long tradition in the method and multiple researchers involved in the method. Links to webpages of individual researchers can be found on the members page. Labs not yet included in the list can contact the board and provide the necessary details.

| CAS | Wollongong | Dr. Richard FULLAGAR |

| TraceoLab | Liege | Dr. Veerle ROTS |

| Laboratory for Artefact Studies | Leiden | Dr. Annelou VAN GIJN |

| CEPAM | Nice | Dr. Sylvie BEYRIES

Other Labs: Spain | Italy

Dr. I. Clemente CONTE, IMF-CSIC, Barcelona
Dr. Andreu OLLÉ, IPHES, Tarragona
Dr. Christina LEMORINI, Universita di Roma