Candidatures for Vice-President


My name is Dr. Iris Groman-Yaroslavski and I would like to apply for the position of AWRANA’s Vice-President. I am an archaeologist, a Levantine prehistorian, and I am a use-wear analysis specialist since 2005. I work at the University of Haifa, I am an adjunct lecturer, member of the Zinman Institute of Archaeology, and head of the Wear Analysis Laboratory (WAL).
I have participated in all the AWRANA conferences and contributed posters and oral presentations, and I have been following all activities and participated in some of those which were published by the association website.
I consider the association as highly important for the development of the field, and in creating an interactive platform for researchers. Since my early days in the field I visited several laboratories and been in contact with different researchers which helped me realize the importance of inter-relations between use-wear specialists.
I have seen the growth of the association due to the contribution of executive and members and so, I will be honored to participate in this endeavor and contribute. I believe that the association may serve as an infrastructure, on and through which researchers may rely on for getting the innovations and developments of the field. I would therefore want to be a part of this doing and help lead these actions further.

With respect,

Dr. Iris Groman-Yaroslavski