PhD Theses

Links to microwear and residue PhD Theses are included below. This list is work in progress and it is surely not exhaustive.

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CIOFALO, Andy J. | Starchy Foodways: Surveying Indigenous Peoples’ culinary practices prior to the advent of European invasions in the Greater Caribbean | Leiden University, Netherlands

LI, Weiya | Foodways in early farming societies: microwear and starch grain analysis on experimental and archaeological grinding tools from Central China | Leiden University, Netherlands


PFLEGING, Johannes | On the Foundations of Robotic Use-wear Analysis: Improving Archaeological Methods for Artefact Characterization with Robotics Technology | ETH Zurich, Switzerland

VUČKOVIĆ, Vesna | Neolithic economy and macro-lithic tools of the Central Balkans | Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Spain


DICKINSON, Paul | Through a Glass Darkly: Finding Values in Obsidian Stemmed Tools from New Britain, Papua New Guinea | University of Leicester, United Kingdom