The AWRANA Executive

Current Executive (2022-2025)


The President

Incumbent: Dr. Cristina Lemorini

The President is responsible for making sure of the Association, both for its administration and its animation. He/she shall convene a meeting of the Board once a year and shall convene all the organization of the colloquium of the Association a general. He/she does not have the power to commit the Association alone. He/she needs the agreement of the Board or, for important decisions, a vote of the General Assembly.

The Vice-President

Incumbent: Dr. Iris Groman-Yaroslavski

The Vice-President supports the President and carries out tasks that are not covered by the other Board members or that are delegated to her/him. The tasks of the vice-chair can vary therefore: the past four years this concerned for example dealing with the formalities of the Association like dealing with the tax offices.

The Treasurer

Incumbent: Dr. Yolaine Maigrot

The Treasurer is responsible for the general financial management of the organization, which includes writing quarterly financial reports, writing the annual financial report, and assisting the organization with filing yearly taxes. In addition, he/she is responsible for writing membership letters for new and renewing members, as well as maintaining the membership list in collaboration with the Communications Manager.

The Secretary

Incumbent: Dr. Niccolò Mazzucco

The role of the Secretary is to support the President in ensuring the smooth functioning of the Association Executive. The Secretary is responsible for: sending out notices of general meetings to the Association membership; compile and send out the agenda for Executive meetings; ensuring meetings are effectively organised and minuted, and maintaining effective records and administration.

The Communications Manager

Incumbent: Maria Piliponsky

The Communications Manager is responsible for maintaining the AWRANA Network active through the different channels of communication of the Association: the website, emails, and social network profiles such as Facebook and Twitter, with the aim of keeping the wear&residues community informed about of congresses, seminars, courses, new books, etc., of interest. Likewise, he/she is in charge, in communication with the Treasurer, of maintaining a continuously updated contact list available to the rest of the Executive.

Former Executives


  1. Sylvie BEYRIES (France), President
  2. Annelou VAN GIJN (Netherlands), Vice-President
  3. Danielle MACDONALD (Canada), Treasurer
  4. Juan José IBÁÑEZ (Spain), Secretary
  5. Hugo H. HERNÁNDEZ (Spain), Communications Manager



  1. Richard FULLAGAR (Australia), President
  2. Veerle ROTS (Belgium), Vice-President
  3. Danielle MACDONALD (Canada), Treasurer
  4. Aimee LITTLE (New Zealand) Secretary
  5. Elspeth HAYES (Australia) and Noora TAIPALE (Finland), Communication Managers


Provisional office (2012-2015)

  1. Richard FULLAGAR (Australia), President
  2. Veerle ROTS (Belgium), Vice-President
  3. Adrian EVANS (United Kingdom), Treasurer