AWRANA Meeting, Leiden 2015

Dear AWRANA members,

The Leiden conference is approaching and it will be the first very first Association of Archaeological Wear and Residue Analysts (AWRANA) conference! The Material Culture Studies group of the Faculty of Archaeology at Leiden University, the Netherlands, is hosting the conference. Advice from the Conference Chair, Annelou van Gijn, suggests that it will be the largest conference ever held on lithic microwear, tool residues and other functional studies! At the Leiden conference, we will also hold the first AWRANA general meeting, on Saturday, 30th May, after the last session. Please keep an eye on the latest program on the conference website

I am preparing an agenda for the general meeting and my president’s report, which will be posted soon. I hope that AWRANA members share my enthusiasm for the Association and this first conference. I also remind members of the AWRANA website and Facebook group where you will find news, jobs, membership details, and other resources. I ask you all to take time to share news of your current research projects on the website and Facebook group (see link on the bottom of the AWRANA website).

In preparation for the general meeting, there are several things that the present executive would like members to consider for discussion:

1. Our Association depends on the participation and enthusiasm of all members. We encourage members to nominate for hosting the next AWRANA conference, perhaps in 2018 or another year? You may wish to get provisional or in principle support from your institution.

2. There will also be an election for the AWRANA executive. We encourage members, preferably as a team, to stand for positions on the AWRANA executive. During the general meeting the current executive will propose how we might vote, and recommend that the composition of the next AWRANA executive will include a minimum of four positions (perhaps five, if Secretary and Treasurer wish to hold separate positions):

Communications Manager (to manage the websites)
Secretary and Treasurer (to manage the membership and finances)

3. The current executive will also recommend that the immediate Past President and the Chair of the next conference organising committee should have an advisory role on the new executive.

I look forward to seeing you all in Leiden!

Best wishes!

Richard Fullagar