Assistant Professor vacancy in Archaeological Materials Analysis

Leiden University, Netherlands, kindly invites researchers to apply for this five years term position


The Department of Archaeological Sciences of the Faculty of Archaeology is looking for an

Assistant Professor in Archaeological Materials Analysis

Key responsibilities
The Department of Archaeological Sciences of the Faculty of Archaeology is looking for an Assistant Professor who will use and steer the existing laboratories to encourage collaborative research with the whole faculty and to develop his/her own research line in new methods and approaches to the analysis of material culture and artefacts. The Assistant Professor will also be responsible for teaching in both the bachelor and master education programs and will be available for students in a supervisory capacity. The position within the Material Culture Studies Research Group fills an important academic collaborative role between the Archaeological Sciences, World Archaeology, and Archaeological Heritage and Society departments. Tasks will include:

  • Conducting outstanding research that includes the development and application of innovative methods to the analysis of material culture and artefacts, making use of or expanding the currently available laboratory facilities;
  • Developing collaborative project applications with colleagues from within and beyond the Faculty of Archaeology;
  • Acquiring project funding for individual research as well as in consortia;
  • Presenting the results of such research in the form of peer reviewed publications, conference presentations and other means;
  • Co-supervising PhD candidates;
  • Preparing and teaching courses in the scientific study of the archaeological material record, the history of man-made materials, and techniques in chemical-mineralogical-petrographic analysis for archaeologists, both in the Bachelor tracks and in the MScs;
  • Engaging in instruction in the BA and Msc programmes, including supervising internships and excursions, and supervising BA and Msc theses;
  • Playing an active role in recruiting Dutch and international students by contributing to open days, orientation, and information sessions;
  • Participating in the development and implementation of educational innovations – also in digital form;
  • Contributing to administrative and management duties within the Faculty of Archaeology;
  • Actively participating in the academic community of the Faculty;
  • Building an extensive network in the working field.

Selection criteria

  • The successful candidate has obtained a PhD on a topic regarding archaeological science, archaeometry or related disciplines and is experienced with conducting and supervising experimental archaeology projects;
  • Proven track record of excellent independent research in new approaches to inorganic ancient materials analysis, as demonstrated by a substantial list of publications, awards/grants;
  • Flexible collaborator with excellent communication skills, a team worker;
  • Demonstrable teaching skills (documented in teaching evaluations), with experience in teaching at bachelor’s and/or master’s level;
  • Experience with educational innovations and related online platforms;
  • (Near) native proficiency in the languages of instruction, English and Dutch. NB: if the candidate fulfils all other requirements, proficiency in Dutch may be acquired within two years after appointment.

Our organisation
The Faculty of Archaeology is an international faculty in the multidisciplinary world of Archaeology and is home to 500 students. The Faculty is remarkable for its global diversity and the strong connection it fosters between teaching and research. It is here that researchers from all areas of the field work to determine the future of archaeological research: the future of the past begins in Leiden.

Applications should be submitted no later than August 31 via [email protected] and addressed to Jason Laffoon. Please quote the vacancy number in your application. All requested documents should be sent in PDF format. Applications should be submitted in English and include a:

  • Cover letter;
  • Statement of purpose, which states the ways in which your experience and knowledge would aid the Material Culture Studies research group, the Faculty of Archaeology, and Leiden University in achieving their overall goals;
  • Explains what you will contribute to the Material Culture Studies research group, the Faculty of Archaeology, and Leiden University overall and how you would develop the outline of your position above;
  • Curriculum vitae with a list of publications, link to google scholar, and h-index;
  • Copy of PhD thesis or publication;
  • List of (maximum) two referees for your application (with full postal addresses, telephone numbers, and emails). Referees will be contacted directly by the search committee prior to the scheduling of interviews.

Interviews on Skype are envisaged for September/October 2020. The intended start date is 1 January 2021.

For more details and applications, please visit:

More information about this vacancy is also available upon request from Jason Laffoon, email [email protected].