SAA, Austin 2014

The SAA will be taking place in Austin, Texas on April 23rd-27th 2014

SAA meeting website

As usual there are several interesting papers on wear analysis and there is at least one session of interest:

Symposium Contrasting Patterns of Collecting, Treatment and Use of
Stems and Fiber for Crafts in Hunter-Gatherer versus Horticultural

& Agropastoral Groups

Chairs: Patricia Anderson; Carole Cheval

Participants: Richard Fullagar, Lynley Wallis and Heidi Pitman; Linda Hurcombe; Russell Greaves and Karen Kramer; Raquel Pique, Susagna Romero, Antoni Palomo, Josep Tarrus and Xavier Terradas; Annelou Van Gijn and Aimee Little; Philippa Ryan; Willeke Wendrich; Patricia Anderson and Mondher M’Hamdi; Carole Cheval; Paula Doumani and Robert Spengler III; Elizabeth Horton; Melinda Leach

Discussants: Catherine Fowler; Linda Hurcombe