UISPP, Burgos 2014

The UISPP conferences is up and coming 1-7th September 2014:

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there are three sessions on lithic microwear

UISPP Commission A17 “Functional Studies of Prehistoric artifacts and their Socio-economic inferences on past societies”

Session A17a. Title: Recent Trends and Aspects of Use-wear Analysis and their contribution to the Modernization of Archaeology.
Coordination: Andreu Olle (aolle@iphes.cat), Juan Jose Ibanez (ibanezjj@imf.csic.es), Adrian E. Evans (a.a.evans@bradford.ac.uk), Laura Longo (longoflint@gmail.com).

Session A17b. Title: Traceological research and experimental work.
Coordination: Alfred Pawlik (afpawlik@gmail.com), Richard Yerkes (yerkes.1@osu.edu), Natalia Skakun (skakunnatalia@yandex.ru), Mikhail Zhilin, (mizhilin@yandex.ru).

Session A17c. Title: Microscopic determination of hafting technology: use-wear and residues
Coordination:Robert Sala (robert.sala@urv.cat), Juan F. Gibaja (jfgibaja@gmail.com), Veerle Rots, Xavier Terradas, Belen
Marquez & Juan Jose Ibanez.