Call for Labs information

The information will be included in Labs Section of AWRANA website


The AWRANA Executive is seeking to have listed all the laboratories of the members of the Association (or as many as possible). In that sense, it would be great to update the Labs Section of this website to show all of them! 

In order to make that standardized, a form that membership can fill out has been linked to the web, powered by Google Forms.

For members that would like their lab listed on the AWRANA Labs Section, the following information will be required:

  • Laboratory Name
  • Affiliated University or Research Center
  • Laboratory Website
  • Short description of laboratory research focus and/or collections (optional, 50 words max.)
  • Laboratory or University Logo (optional)
  • Lab Contact (email)

Please complete this form to include your research lab on wear and residues research.

We strongly believe that this initiative will be of great interest to members, and will strengthen the AWRANA Network!

For questions, please contact [email protected]