PostDoc for Residue Analyses on GST

The German Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) set up a program to promote interdisciplinary research groups with members based at different German research institutions


Dr Stephanie Döpper is currently looking for an archaeobiology PostDoc who is interested in collaborating with her, a geologist and a person specialised in use-wear analyses, in a grant proposal for this program. The person would, if the proposal is accepted, work on the residues on the ground stone tools. The theme of the proposed project will be on researching the changes in subsistence, way of life (mobile, settled) and general socio-economic changes diachronically from the Early Bronze Age to the end of the Iron Age on the Oman Peninsula from the perspective of ground stone tools.
If granted, this would offer a four-year full-time position for the PostDoc at a German university or research institution.
Requirements for the PostDoc:
– PhD in archaeobiology/biology or related subject
– substantial experience in residue analyses (starch)
– max. 4 years after completing the PhD
– willingness to conduct the research at a German University/research institution of their choice upon start of the project (i.e. November 2021) and take residence there.
– willingness to participate in fieldwork in the Sultanate of Oman and the UAE
If interested please contact Stephanie Döpper at [email protected]